Meet Our Team


Dr David Brown

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc)

Dr David Brown is the principle veterinarian with more than 24 years experience in both small and large animals.  He has worked in both Australia and the UK.  His hobbies are cattle breeding, fishing and Landcare activities.

Dr Lisa Brown

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc)

Dr Lisa Brown also has 24 years Veterinary experience and graduated from the University of Melbourne.  She enjoys doing clinical work as well as managing the practice.

Dr Louisa Taylor

Senior Clinic Veterinarian (BVSc(Hons))

Dr Louisa Taylor graduated from the University Of Melbourne in 1998 and has worked in various mixed and small animal clinics both in Victoria and overseas.  Louisa has horses, dogs, goats, birds and 3 young children to keep her busy. 

Dr Rhys Morris

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Dr Rhys Morris joined our team in 2018, after working in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Rhys has a special interest in small animal medicine and ultrasound. 

Dr Cate Watt

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Cate has a strong interest in Surgery and has 23 years exerience in rural practice. 

Dr Natasha Pettingal

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Tash graduated form Murdoch uni in 2003, she has worked in and around the Macedon Ranges since then. She has interests in both medicine and surgery, in small and large animals. For fun Tash rides and drives horses and hangs out with her 2 children. 

Dr Gavin Stone

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Gavin graduated from the University of Melbourne and has primarily been working in private small animal practice ever since. He enjoys going to conferences to further his knowledge in all areas of medicine and surgery. In his spare time he likes to try his hand at fishing, playing guitar and computer games. He is also a keen reader.

Dr Bridget Harrison

Veterinarian (BvSc DVM)

Bridget has a great passion for animal health. She enjoys seeing a good variation of creatures and loves that her role at our clinic is supportive and exciting! She also loves her Jack Russell, Baga and this caring nature comes through in her care for your pet also. 

Lisa Marie

Front Office Manager

Lisa Marie is our Business Manager. She has 3 pets at home who she adores and she also assists with various adoption and rescue groups. Lisa Marie has 10 years of exerience in the human healthcare industry and is now happy to be part of the animal healthcare world. 


Head Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse)

Tanya has more than 20 years of Veterinary Nursing experience.  She lives with her husband, two active school age boys, two dogs, a cat and chooks . Tanya runs our very succesful Pet Weight Loss Programme.


Senior Surgical Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing)

Pip has been a vet nurse at Sunbury All Creatures since 2014. She has completed her certifacte IV in Veterinary Nursing and is currently studying a bachelor of business part time. On weekends she enjoys mountain bike riding and going out for lunch. She is kept busy at home with her dog Stella, cat Jerry and 3 chickens. 


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse)

Debbie is a qualified veterinary nurse she completed her Veterinary Nursing Course (Certificate IV) in 2011 and has a special interest in surgical nursing.  Debbie has worked at Sunbury All Creatures since 2008. Debbie also likes to spend time at the gym and enjoys competing in obstacle races.


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Becky started at Sunbury All Creatures in 2012 as a trainee while she was still at school. She showed such talent for the job she was accepted in the nursing course and is now a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse. 


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse)

Mel has a certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing. She lives with 2 dogs and 2 horses and enjoys camping and gardening. 


Veterinary Nurse (Certificate III Veterinary Nursing )

Michelle has a background in both Veterinary Nursing and aminal walfare, as a shelters operations manager in a not for profit pro-life shelter. She has responsibly rehomed hundreds of dogs and cats. She has 4 cats and 2 dogs. 


Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Carol is a qualified Veterinary Nurse, she loves meeting new people working in reception is a very good surgical nurse. She is a Sunbury local and loves all animals


Veterinary Nurse

Alex is in her final year of her certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Origionally from the UK she enjoys the sunshine here. 


(Delta Dog Trainer certificate IV)

Simone has a certificate 4 in dog training through the delta society. She is really interested in dog behaviour and runs our puppy school. Simone has Border Collies that she trains in agility in her spare time.


Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Brooke has a certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing and a real passion for animals. 

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